TOEIC Score Results: Now What?

You received your TOEIC score report. Congratulations!

If you received the score you wanted, that’s great! The GTFs are very happy for you! Remember, there’s still time to raise to raise it even more!

If you didn’t receive the score you wanted, here’s some advice:

  • Use the TOEIC books in the English plaza to get extra practice
  • Do extensive listening and reading even if you aren’t in a listening or reading class. Any TIU student can check out a book from the library, and there are many English TV shows and movies online, both on free sites and paid sites like Hulu and Netflix.
  • Study a little bit everyday.
  • Take the test again. SLC students take the test twice a year officially, but there are other TOEIC tests held at other times. If you can pay for one, it’s ok to take the test on a day other than the big TOEIC days for extra practice.

If you feel very sad about your score report, remember:

  • If you don’t like your score, you can always take it again.
  • Improvement takes time; it’s okay if you don’t feel like you did much better than last time.
  • Just taking the test itself is a difficult task, especially if you had class today during first period!
  • TOEIC, while important in Japan, is just one way to measure your English level. Your grade in class, how easily you can speak in Lounge, and your ability to use English outside of school are also valid indicators of how you’ve improved while studying!
  • Your score is not your worth as a person. Qualities like a positive attitude, kindness, patience, a strong work ethic, etc, mean more than any test score will.
  • Your teachers care for you very much! Don’t be afraid to talk to us if you need something, whether that’s related to TOEIC or life in general.

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