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The team at Testing and Placement has dedicated this site to providing students and teachers of the Tokyo International University Global Teaching Institute with testing information and resources. In the following pages, you will find materials, videos, presentations, and links that will assist you in your testing endeavors.

For students

Students are welcome to explore and use all of the resources found here. You will find the audio material for the books in the English Lounge. If you want to take a practice test, you will be able to play the audio from the links provided. You will find other useful information for TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, and other tests. We keep adding material and resources, so check this page frequently!

For teachers

All of the resources available to the students is accessable for use for class activities or homework. The Teaching Resources link will provide you with additional material, information, and tutorials. When the practice tests roll around, we will update the information at the bottom of this page with the relevant links for the students. We will keep updating all of the student and teacher resources, so keep checking back.


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Edward Morrow, Placement


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